Sunday, December 30, 2012

2011 Golf TDI Review - 25,000 Mile Update

As 2012 comes to an end the TDI has hit the 25,000 mile mark.  When I posted my first thoughts (You can read it here First Post) I wasn't sure what exactly to expect from the Golf TDI.  I had been a Honda owner in the past, and decided to take a chance on my first VW as well as my first diesel.  25,000 miles later the TDI has not disappointed.

The turbo-diesel Golf promised exceptional fuel economy, along with spirited performance and has delivered every step of the way.  Overall fuel economy comes in at 36.94 MPG in driving that is generally a mix of 30% highway and 70% city.  On long highway runs it has been no problem to average over 40 MPG.  While these are hybrid like fuel economy numbers, the TDI is a very different animal.  It loves the open road where the diesel motor and German engineering truly shine.  It's taught handling and quick acceleration also make it fun to drive in the city but it does not offer hybrid fuel economy when traveling from stop light to stop light.

Mechanically the TDI has been very sound.  In addition to the scheduled services which come at 10,000 mile intervals (and are fully covered by VW), the TDI has only stopped by the dealer for a few other minor issues.  The first was a recall (You can read it here Recall Service) and the second was for a defective window motor (You can read it here Mechanical Issue).  Beyond these couple of little hiccups though the TDI has been rock solid.

I also spent a little time during my first year of ownership shooting a few videos to try and give people an idea of the fuel economy that the TDI delivers at varying speeds.  You can check them out below.....

All in all the first 25,000 miles with the Golf TDI have been a pleasure, I am happy with my decision to purchase.  I hope this blog has helped at least a few others to make an educated decision in their quest to purchase a vehicle.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog along with those who have commented and asked questions.

Happy New Year to everyone, here's hoping for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

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