Thursday, February 7, 2013

Golf TDI Review - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes, a picture can say more than words ever can.  The picture to my left illustrates what is great about the Golf TDI

Green Arrow - Cruise control set at 48 miles per hour

Red Arrow - Instant fuel economy reading is 59.4 miles per gallon

Blue Arrow - 500.1 miles since the last fill up and still going..........


  1. Thank you for posting a detailed blog of the TDI. I'm hoping to get a 2015 Golf TDI when it's available in the US and have been looking for reviews from real drivers since I've never owned a diesel and know VWs can have reliability issues. Keep us in the loop on the good and the bad!

  2. Hi Matt, I'm glad you found this useful. The TDI is approaching the 30,000 mile mark and the experience has been very positive. I will continue to post both good and bad as the miles progress. The real proof will come as the miles build and mechanical issues are no longer covered under warranty. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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