Sunday, December 1, 2013

Golf TDI Review - 40,000 Mile Update

The Golf TDI has now hit the 40,000 mile mark. The miles have been uneventful and to this point all maintenance costs have been covered by VW.  Fuel economy for the first 40k comes in at 37.43 miles per gallon.  Long highway trips have been few and far between.  While there is some highway driving, most of these miles have come commuting to work, running errands and delivering the kids to never ending practices and events.

Next week I'll be returning to the Volkswagen dealer for the 40,000 mile service which will be the first one that I have paid for.  The TDI will also soon be in need of a new set of tires.  I will keep everyone posted on how this goes and outline the costs associated with this maintenance.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Glad to see your TDI has been hassle free. We absolutely love our 2013 version and just hit 18,000 miles averaging 43 mpg for the life of the car.

  2. 43 MPG is excellent. Judging from the fact that you have 18,000 miles on a 2013, it sounds like you do quite a bit of driving. The VW diesel really shines on the highway. Thanks for writing and good luck, I hope the TDI continues to impress for many years to come!


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